Bank of Utah and WeberSAR team up…

Bank of Utah and Weber County Search & Rescue have teamed up in an effort to provide the citizens of Weber County a drone for search and rescue and you can help.

WeberSAR is a national leader in the use of drones for Search and Rescue operations and have been featured in Scientific American. We use drones for locating lost individuals, searching dangerous areas such as cliffs and river banks, illuminating night rescues, documenting rescues, and relaying complex information to the incident commanders back at the base. WeberSAR drones have proven to significantly shorten the time required to complete missions.

WeberSAR wants to expand this lifesaving resource by adding a new high capability drone. The DJI M300 drone has extended flight times (40 to 55 minutes), advanced safety features, and much higher resolution cameras in both visible light and infrared. The DJI M300 is also capable of reaching further up the mountain, a realm where we need the most support for rescue missions because of the distance away from the command base.