Be Prepared for Your Backcountry Adventure

Safety is your responsibility:

Stunning hikes, exciting ATV rides, challenging climbs, and other backcountry adventures can be found throughout Weber County and often create fun, memorable experiences. But it can become serious for others when things go wrong and search and rescue teams are called in to help people who encounter trouble.

Plan, prepare and equip yourself well for a safe and enjoyable adventure of any length in the backcountry. Remember—safety is your responsibility. Hypothermia can affect anyone when it’s cold, wet or windy. Have the right clothing and equipment to help you stay warm and dry.

Packing the Essentials whenever you venture into the backcountry, even on day hikes, is a good habit to develop. Consider taking all, or if not, at least a few of the following on your next outing:

  • – Navigation (map, compass, GPS)
  • – Sun protection (sunglasses and sunscreen)
  • – Insulation (extra clothing)
  • – Illumination (headlamp/flashlight) with spare batteries
  • – First-aid supplies
  • – Fire starting(waterproof matches/lighter/candles)
  • – Nutrition (extra food)
  • – Hydration (extra water)
  • – Knife/Multitool
  • – Emergency shelter
  • – Communication (cell phone or FRS/GMRS radio)

The most important essential, however “Common Sense”. Having the right gear is one thing, knowing how and when to use it is quite another. Most often, it’s not a person’s equipment that saves their bacon. It’s their experience, know-how, and good judgment.

Conversely, it is generally inexperience and lack of good judgment that gets people into trouble. Not only must we have the proper equipment, we must know how to use it.