Crews rescue stranded hikers in Weber County

SONJA CARLSON, Standard-Examiner Staff

LIBERTY -— Search and rescue crews rescued two stranded hikers Tuesday morning, May 31.

Weber County dispatch said the hikers were stranded overnight near the Cutler Flats area of the North Fork Park campground.

The two hikers, a 16-year-old female and a 17-year-old male, started a hike up the Ben Lomond trail at around 3 p.m., said Weber County Search and Rescue  Lt. Brandon Toll.

Toll said the hike is about 3 miles long, and the teenagers ended up hitting some snow a couple of miles up the trial.

“They actually saw some moose tracks and they get a little scared by seeing those tracks and got off the trail and diverted around those tracks and ended up losing the trail,” he said.

They tried to find the trail again, went down into a steep canyon and came across Cutler Creek, Toll said. They were able to cross the creek despite there being some snow and ice in it.

The hikers couldn’t go any further after crossing the creek due to the steepness of the canyon.

And that’s when they “hunkered down and called for help,” Toll said.

Dispatch received the call at 9 p.m., and search and rescue got called at 9:30 p.m.

Search and rescue deployed teams at 11 p.m. once life flight was able to locate them and get GPS coordinates.

“We had a really difficult time to locate a better area to cross that rapid running creek,” Toll said.

Toll said foot teams were able to cross the creek when daylight set in and got the hikers off the steep hill to a more open area where life flight could land.

The hikers were in relatively good condition when rescued at around 7:30 a.m.

“They were just a little bit cold,” Toll said. “They weren’t dressed for the conditions — it got into the upper 30s —  they didn’t have warm clothing but had a blanket in their pack with them (and) had that on top of them pretty much the whole time to keep them warm.”